Sunday 6 January 2013


Meet Mac. Mac is a wild grey tabby we recently brought home.

We managed to adopt a real co-dependent attention lover. His name is inspired by Mac from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, because he thinks he's tough, he's got way too much energy, and he's generally a charming idiot. 




We got him on sale. Isn't it so weird that there is such a thing as getting a cat on sale? I spun a big cat themed wheel of fortune to determine the price. I realize that you've gotta inspire people to adopt these guys in all kinds of inventive ways, but it was still odd. For the record, he was half price. SCORE. #dealz

He came with this weird, pink cat tent (as seen above). And while it's pretty ugly, it's now a fixture in our place. This is what animals do to you - they take over and rule the house. Suddenly you are hiding their food in cupboards so they don't tear the bag apart, watching your toes so they don't get chomped at every opportunity, and fully expecting an animal to jump out at you from under the bed every time you pass by. 

Cats are the best. Cats are the worst. I love him so much. 

 Devil cat on a rampage.


Mallory said...

Great name choice.

charlotte farmer said...

Margo says meeeeeow. 2013 - the year of the cat. Since she arrived in our household any style we may have once had has been overtaken with cat things including a purple camouflage cat tunnel (purple camouflage - where is that ever going to work?) and a fleece radiator bed with a paw print print.

Happy new year and good luck with Falconwright - it all looks amazing, maybe you can branch out into cat products


Charlotte: Purple camouflage! HAHA. Thank you :) Maybe we should make leather jackets for tough kitties. Fishbone prints, lots of studs, catnip stuffing...

Loulou said...

Thanks for the introduction to Mac. He's a real cutie! That is strange about getting him on sale.