Sunday 24 February 2008

Haggard FEATS.

Back: Deadweight

The HB record printing is (finally) done! No longer will piles of record sleeves mock me as I pass them on my way to bed. I think I'll take a break from large print runs for a little while, but it was kind of nice to know this could be accomplished in our tiny printing area (AKA our kitchen!).

Mission accomplished . . . . . now it's party time!

Wednesday 20 February 2008


I'm almost done printing the Haggard Beast record backs!

325ish copies X 3 colours = good times.

The artwork for the compilation is a collaboration between Haggard Beast (front) and Deadweight (back). We are family.

The compilation features music by local rabble rousers Captain Caveman, Problem, The Guest Bedroom, Hot Monogamy, Lunchmeat and Terror Lake. There will be 2 release parties: February 29th and March 1st at Terenga! YES.

Saturday 16 February 2008


I'm currently working on a series of non-poster prints for an art show in April at The Whippersnapper Gallery called Colour Is The Keyboard (an exhibition featuring musicians that make visual art). I don't know how I got myself mixed up in all of this, but I'm really looking forward to trying to pull it off - ha!

Here are a couple of things that I'll be including:

It will be a series of screen prints detailing some of the things I'm currently fixated with: elderly couples, cats with attitude, hand drawn text and teeth. I can't imagine living without any of these things! Prints will be small (6X9inches) and as colourful as possible. I hope to make each one a small snapshot of a very particular feeling.

One of the curators will be writing an essay for the program dealing with how music affects art making and how art affects music making. I came up short trying to put my thoughts together on this for her in time - it was a bit more difficult then I thought it would be! More on this at another time . . .



DW has entered blog-nation! Fancy that. Thought: The use of nation as an add on to other words is getting a little out of hand isn't it? Perhaps I'm just listening to too much sports radio.

This blog will do the following things: selfishly showcase what DW has been working on, pay tribute to exciting things by posting pictures of them (information too!) and provide the odd verbal rambling regarding the triumphs and mysteries of daily living.

Let the games begin!?

Pic: Poster Show 2 at The Tranzac