Tuesday 12 June 2012


I'm guilty of taking my city for granted. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it's way too easy to live within your neighbourhood. That's also a big perk, but we're talking about exploring here! So, it's with this post that I vow to start checking out areas of the city that I just haven't bothered spending much time in (because there has been Netflix to watch, or I'd have to, like, take a bus). Starting with: Allan Gardens. More specifically, the conservatory. Which is ONE BLOCK away from my house. And free. And full of humid plant magic. I went there once with Jason, but it was after we had a bottle of wine in the park, so we didn't really take in the whole show...

My personal highlights included: a banana tree, The Cactus House, and the beautiful shape of The Palm House. There are benches throughout, information boards on the various plant varieties, and if you go there during the week (as I did today) it was pretty damn peaceful too!  Note: don't go to the Eaton Center afterwards if you'd like to maintain that sense of peace.