Wednesday 28 April 2010


I made Dennis a photo book a while back via Blurb. It's a somewhat sappy smattering of pictures of us and the cat (and some of our favourite snacks). The software was easy to use and the service was reasonably priced - I definitely want to make another one! It's way better than cruising through my hard drive. Though my hard drive does host some of the best b-sides . . .

Sunday 25 April 2010


I took these pictures before going into the studio on the weekend. I love alleyways in Toronto! Jim informed me that the pole above was painted around Christmas time. Somehow I didn't really notice it until this weekend. I love that someone took the time to paint it this way.

This is my new(ish) ride. My old one suffered a quick death when his poor frame snapped. Aquiring this steed involved a trip to Brantford (an awesome birthday gift/adventure from Rob) and more road cookies than I'd like to admit. One of my favourite things about her is the bell. That squirrel!

Wednesday 21 April 2010


Photos from The Spring Trunk show taken by Karyn at The Workroom.
I forgot my camera at home, so I'm glad to see someone documented the event!
Take a peek at the whole day

The Workroom is a really cool space! I have a sewing machine that's been sitting ontop of a cabinet for the past five years going completely unused. Unless dust landing zone or space eating are considered uses. Maybe I should look into taking their sewing machine essentials class.

It was a great day and I got the opportunity to meet/hang out with some truly A+ people (awesome hangs!).
Thanks so much to everyone who picked up cards or prints!

Friday 16 April 2010


A couple more things for the Spring Trunk Show . . .

Unimpressed Lady No.3 (that sunny yellow isn't fooling anyone!)

A little gingham never hurt.

Wednesday 14 April 2010


New floral cards and a 5X7 print for The Spring Trunk Show this Sunday! Should be a great time. I plan on making a batch of homemade oreo cookies for your snacking pleasure. Crafts, vintage rummage items, and free snacks? Yes please!

City of Craft & the workroom present
Spring Trunk Show

Sunday April 18, 2010
Noon to 5pm at the workroom

1340 Queen Street West

Show your love with local, handmade wares. Beside Herself, Deadweight, Melinda Jose (& Chris), Needle Books, Nightjar Books, Old Weston, Stichface, The Sweetie Pie Press, the workroom, and more.

Free to attend. Free snacks for all.

The Spring Trunk Show is curated by Becky Johnson & Karyn Valino.