Saturday 24 March 2012


My first ceramics class has officially come to an end. I didn't sign up for the next round of classes in time, partly because I didn't have the cash, and partly because my schedule might be slowly killing me. But I am now officially on the waiting list for round two, and really hope that someone reconsiders their ceramic dreams so that I might take their place! Obviously the inability to be involved has made the whole thing more appealing to me. Plus, there's something kind of meditative about making things out of clay which is very enjoyable. I would like to improve!

The best line I overheard during this round of classes: "I'm making stands for our snow globe collection." Of course you are! And yes, I also find it funny that I made small bowl after small bowl, vessel after vessel. How many fragile containers does one woman need? Answer: A LOT. I like plants and have one million errant bobby pins and hair elastics. And who doesn't need a comically tall, thin vase to hold all the singular flowers they receive? Answer: I DON'T. But I do like the way it looks.


I recently connected with Amelie Mancini, a Mets fan/painter/printmaker from France who now calls NYC home. This beautiful set of letterpress postcards is from her edible all-stars series - baseball players with food names! She also has a series of bizarre injuries cards, as well as a tribute print to The Kid (Gary Carter) with all profits donated to The National Brain Tumor Society. Check out her card shop & paintings for more.

Anyone want to receive a postcard in the mail featuring a baseball player with a food name? Despite the fact that I am terrible at sending out friendly personal mail (cards/notes/etc) I'd like to write a few messages to 5 of you. If there are 5 of you interested out there in web-land, that is. Leave me your email address in the comments and I will contact you for your address.

Guys, it's almost baseball season...

Monday 19 March 2012


The past few weeks have been all about printing, sewing, picture taking, editing, and snacking. The end result? New Falconwright items are available now!

At the risk of repeating myself (more details on our blog) we're both really happy with this small leather army. These guys are bright!

We also took some more lookbook pics, which involve a babe (Michelle), pinball, french fries, bubble gum, Toronto, digital cameras, disposable cameras, and chocolate mint shakes.

Big ups to Tim Smith, Michelle Smoliniec, and The Pinball Cafe. And lastly, the biggest props of all to my very hard-working, very funny (especially when she's tired and hungry) partner in crime, Danielle!

Tuesday 6 March 2012


I've long admired this wee skulls ring by Datter Industries (aka Kaye Blegvad) via my ever expanding Etsy favourites list, and finally brought it into my home and onto my hand. It arrived in the most simple/perfect packaging (red string!), and looked even better then I had imagined it would. I've worn it every day since. A new talisman to ward off evil spirits? Sure, who couldn't use that! Here it is modelled by Tara Bursey's plaster finger, which usually hangs out on my bookshelf and isn't weird at all.

Kaye Blegvad is a London born, Brooklyn based illustrator and maker of things. I love both her illustration and jewelery work a lot. She draws sword carrying ladies, hairy legs, healthy living, touches on themes of luck (one of my not so secret faves), witchcraft (another favourite!), and illustrates her day to day life in a way that is not just visually pleasing, but funny too. Art with a dark heart and a bit of humour to it really hits me in the guts in all the right ways.

Check out her shops (illustration and jewelry) and portfolio!

Her beautiful business card also features a hand. As does mine. I think this is a pretty good sign that we should probably be pals...