Sunday 27 February 2011


1. New pink and orange pattern cards.
2. Ghetto "business" cards made out of paper scraps.
3. Eight bags filled with various DW odds and sods: prints, cards, envelopes, etc.
4. You know these cellophane bag thingys? So clingy, so annoying.
5. And the paint madness continued....

Spent more time this weekend preparing stuff for Puces Pop. Big ups to Dennis for tolerating the piles of paper, pens, bags, and various supplies all over the house! It's definitely been a bit of a DW warzone around here lately. This girl knows nothing of feng shui...

Also - thanks to Melodie for posting some photos from night one of Wavelength's Eleven Fest. Good times!


I've never been much of a jewelry wearer. I somehow managed to avoid getting my ears pierced all these years, and rings just provide me with an endless target for fidgeting. But necklaces are another story, and one of my recent faves is definitely Finland's Nomoi Koru. Her stuff is bold, geometric, and not too delicate looking - all right up my alley. I bought the triangle guy above a while back, wore it all the time, and then decided to expand my collection with the stone fringe beauty in the middle. Then, because the Internet is amazing, I connected with Maarit (Nomoi Koru jewelry maker extraordinaire) via Etsy and we decided to do a surprise mail exchange. That is how I ended up with this new tote bag and lovely bracelet. I love them, Maarit! Check out her shop here.

Tuesday 22 February 2011


Some photos from the past few days: brand new hello cards with bright fluorescent envelopes, glove prints in new colours, packages ready for mailing, dry dirty paint hands, and my friend Lee's delicious homemade lime birthday cake.

Trying to maintain some sort of balance between jobs, hobbies, and everything else has felt tricky lately. But in lieu of ample down time, February has totally FLOWN by, so that's something. Dear spring: come on already, let's do this!

I spent a great deal of time this long weekend (much to the chagrin of my upper extremities) printing up stuff for DW's first ever road trip! I will be taking part in the March edition of Puces Pop next month, pimping out mini prints and awkward conversation for all! Check out the vendor list. I'm really looking forward to a weekend road trip adventure with my good pal Rob. If anyone has any recommendations for good places for us to eat and drink while in Montreal, I'd love to know your faves!

Monday 14 February 2011


Poster by Derek Ma

It's that time of the year: Wavelength Anniversary time! 5 nights, 5 venues, 22 bands. My band (as well as Dennis' band) help kick off night number 1 this Wednesday at The Boat - details here. Wavelength have some other programming in store too - studio sessions, a speaker series, and their first ever poster show!

Details from the site:

Wavelength: For Posterity
Poster artwork from the Wavelength music series 2000-2010
Music Gallery — Fellowship Room — 197 John St.
Open during concert hours — Feb. 17 to April 3

Wavelength has been an important point of interface between the indie and experimental/new music scenes since its early days, when Michael Snow first screened his 1986 film of the same name alongside a program of local improvisers — music then rarely heard in a club environment. Since 2003, Wavelength has presented one night of its annual, multi-night February anniversary Festivals at the Music Gallery, Toronto’s Centre for Creative Music.

Poster artwork has been a key element in the Wavelength identity, especially around the anniversaries. This exhibition displays some of the most memorable promotional posters of the series’ first decade. Contributing artists include: Seripop, The Complaint Department, Trip Print Press, Deadweight and Derek Ma.


You know how every kid seems to have that one character they learn how to draw really well? Mine was some unfamous hippo. Dennis' was Alf. This year I made a somewhat weird Valentine's request: that Dennis draw me some Alf heads. Mainly because every now and then he'll draw one and it never fails to crack me up. Despite the ridiculousness of the request, he totally delivered. I snuck this photo of him while he was hard at work - drawing a totally crazy number of heads, with the computer firmly locked to sports scores. It's impossible for me not to laugh when I think about him drawing this for me.

Happy Valentine's Day, guys.

Wednesday 9 February 2011


Here is my singular picture from Love & Rummage. You'd almost think I bring my camera around with me just because I like the extra weight. But check out that big smile on The Arthur - so good, right? Thankfully other people actually use their digital (and analog) image capturing devices, so there are more photos here: Karyn from The Workroom, City Of Craft Flickr Group, Celine Kim for Toronto Craft Alert.

The verdict? Sunday was a total hit. This local craft community has been so warm and welcoming - it's all very inspiring and encouraging for this gal. So thanks to everyone that crammed into The Workroom on Sunday. Thanks for picking stuff up from my trunk and having good senses of humour. And thanks to all the people involved for such quality curation, excellent hangs, and inspiring wares.

After the event I went to my friend Tim's annual Superbowl party, ate all of his food, made plenty of jokes at The Black Eyed Peas expense, and nearly fell asleep on his couch. A+ day.

Some artifacts I went home with:

Triangle pouch and notebook by Bookhou, stamp packages by Send More Mail, and a ceramic love medallion by Krystal Speck.

I also managed to pick up the Toronto print I'd been coveting by Fieldguided. Perhaps this will remind me to get to the Island more often? I also adopted one of their tote bags - bold, romantic Kate Bush lyrical references? Yes please.

Saturday 5 February 2011


Over The Moon card version 2.0. Now with the night sky! A last minute edition for tomorrow.
These guys are big - lots of room to declare all your deepest, most important thoughts and feelings.

Thursday 3 February 2011


New things printed and packaged for Sunday: hello postcards and some seriously sun kissed snowbirds.