Thursday 26 April 2012


What's been happening lately: 1. Super scrappy paint mixing experiments. 2. My "studio" looking tidy for once (this lasted for about a second). 3. Canary leather. 4. A canary leather makeover! 5. Thread city. 6. Printing haystacks and making messes. I'm thinking I should have painted my tabletop for a more cleanable surface, but this whole crime scene vibe is pretty cool too. 7. Transporting leather back and forth and back again - Danielle and I really need a joint work space! If only to save her from calling a leather storage facility home... 8. I've been breaking A LOT of glass lately. I can barely keep it in my hands. At least I'm not breaking mirrors? 9. City of Craft was this past weekend and it was a huge success! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by, organised the event, and filled up the room with their awesome stuff. GOOD TIMES.

Thursday 5 April 2012


Crappy pic of me wearing...the largest Blue Jays hat in the world! A totally reasonable umbrella. Not showy at all.

Baseball is back today. The new uniforms look hot and there is hope in the air. It's a good day!

I am ready for: the struggle, the heroics, the strategy, the double plays, the potential no hitters, the stupid Brett Lawrie tweets, the heart breakers, the blind optimism, the weird group activity that is cheering on a team ("Canada's team"), consuming more hot dogs than I should, the blown saves (by other teams, of course), Bautista's one million homers, sunshine, the open dome on warm summer nights, the comforting sound of baseball on the radio, and cold drinks on hot days. And no matter how sunny I sound to you here, believe me, I will still hate the wave with every ounce of my being...same goes for you, guy who will sit behind me at at least 2 games saying the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life.

Amelie had a great post about her feelings about baseball on her blog. Check it out!

Really loving how the Blue Jays are being marketed these days too. Lots of moody drama. Deep blues, crisp whites, serious men!

Wednesday 4 April 2012


Something fun? My band has a new song called Magical Thinking and our pal Ryan Mounsey made us this wild new video for it. In his words: "In the Magical Metropolitan land of Chatham; the King's number one Wizard set's out on a journey of self discovery and self loathing." It's pretty fun to hand your music off to someone and see what they come up with. Thanks, Ryan!

This video features all kinds of weird stuff: our friend Corey as the King Of Chatham, a wizard on a mission, and some very Toronto-centric appearances by Rob Ford (our total train wreck of a mayor) and Zanta (remember him?). Moose run through the streets, there are ads for baby sunglasses, and public transportation prices skyrocket. Doesn't it sometimes feel like the escalator is always broken? GAME OVER.

Sunday 1 April 2012


Got a new tattoo by Lissa at Pearl Harbor Gift Shop in Kensington Market this weekend. I'm no tattoo expert (this is only my second) but I really liked my experience here. Awesome people + great decor (the personified strawberry face in particular). Recommended! I'm already thinking about what I should do next...