Tuesday 19 March 2013


Finally updated my Etsy shop with these two pumpkin prints!  

This guy had a rough day at the office. After he punched the clock he went over to his local watering hole for a beer or two and some alone time. He has a lot on his mind, you know? It's too bad his friends are busy tonight. Soon he will hear a song he likes on the radio, and then he'll pay his tab. He's going to be ok!

12 X 18 4 colour screen print on cardstock. Ships rolled.
Limited edition run of 20. Signed and numbered.

This pumpkin is having a rough morning. He slept through his alarm, spilled 90 percent of his coffee, and the paper is FULL of bad news. It's not even 9 yet! What is he going to make for dinner tonight? Will it rain later? He forgot his umbrella...again. That's ok. He's tough. He will survive!

8 X 8 inch 5 colour screen print on Stonehenge paper. Ships flat.
Limited edition run of 25 prints! Signed and numbered.

If you're located in Toronto, and would like to pick a print up locally to save $ on shipping, email me: info(at)deadweight.ca

Thursday 14 March 2013


"On my gravestone it's going to say He Died For Greater Opacity."  I really want to see this movie!

Monday 11 March 2013


Big news! We released our spring collection over at Falconwright today!  

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Danielle and I built a fruit stand in our studio for this collection. Hoisted up an awning with fishing line, covered tables in burlap, stacked fruit, etc. Pretty lucky that making a fake fruit stand is part of my job. And now our new backup career plan is to go into the fruit game. Time to go eat some more bananas...

It was such an honour to meet one of the Honest Ed's sign painters, Doug Kerr. If you aren't from Toronto, google image search HONEST ED'S SIGNS, because there are so many, and they are all so good. Our studio is right down the street from this local landmark, and as a nod to our city, we thought it would be really fun to use Doug's authentic talents. He also paints ice cream trucks in this town! Lettering pros blow my mind.

As promised you will find: zippers, neon, new metal tags, some nature inspired prints to go with our usual bold geometric stuff (flowers!), some bright leather colours, some neutral leather colours, and a bunch of contrasting leather zipper pulls for good measure! YEAH.

Sunday 3 March 2013


Taped off a bunch of random parts of different screens the other day and made this shape collection card. Weird on the fly spacing and no colour planning! Improv printing! Find it here.

I stopped myself from adding a million more layers in fear that I would just ruin it in the end, but I think that I'll experiment with a larger format print inspired by this little one soon. Tons of colours, lots of shapes, semi transparent inks all over each other, fades, etc. Pastel tones? Who knows!

Saturday 2 March 2013


A little process gif action. 5 layers & all kinds of different lighting conditions! 

Whenever I successfully make it through a multi-layer print, I always kind of feel like I got away with something. Despite years of screen printing experience, there is always this brief moment of surprise when something actually works out as planned. I love that moment. 

Another day, another sad pumpkin. This one goes out to a guy I saw on the bus who spilled a giant cup of coffee all over the floor on his morning commute and barely made a sound. He just looked down at the expanding puddle and DEALT with it. Total pro.