Friday 30 July 2010


Pony Da Look - definitely one of my favourite local bands.
Unabashedly dramatic, expressive, interesting music. LOVE.

Leaving for a week long adventure to New York tomorrow.
Gonna miss this little black and white brat, but otherwise I can't wait to get outta here!
Enjoy the long weekend fellow Canadians.

Tuesday 20 July 2010


I kind of forgot how fun fireworks can be. Even teeny tiny alleyway sized ones. More please.

These photos were taken while we tried our hands at video making this past weekend. Think spooky lighting, midnight mystery, fog, fireworks, and foliage. Good times! More photos of our night here.

Tuesday 13 July 2010


Look at this delicious piece of circular beauty Lee brought over the other night. We enjoyed it while discussing our upcoming trip to New York! I also had it for breakfast the next day (obviously). This will be my first New York adventure, so I'm pretty excited. Perhaps you know of some things we should do? 17 more days . . .

Monday 12 July 2010


A photo I recently purchased from Forever Is Today. I can't wait to secure it a spot on one of my bookshelves of the future (something we are definitely in need of). Check out her blog for lots of great photos, all of which do absolutely nothing to help tame my Swedish travel fantasies.

Wednesday 7 July 2010


The Week That Was.

We took D's mom (who was in town visiting from Sackville) to the zoo. Despite the whole animals in cages thing, and the hours of public transit thing, it was nice to see the polar bears. You see, I had a thing for polar bears when I was young . . .

Otherwise, last week was all about food and drink. Poutine at Utopia, cold sodas, backyard BBQs, snack bar hot dogs, watermelon lemonade (with basil!), picnic table beers, and (highly flammable) peanuts. All totally effective summer mood enhancers.

And I'd hate to make you think everything was sunshine and rainbows and watermelon lemonade around here - the heat wave has certainly tested my sunny disposition, ha.

Monday 5 July 2010


Dear spinach and romaine: I'm sorry you died - RIP.
Dear basil and parsley: don't be so stubborn - I need you!
Dear tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, zuch, beans, beets, and kale: good work friends.

Despite a few casualties, the mini garden is progressing nicely. I'm surprised that stuff is growing at all considering the cramped quarters and lack of steady sun. I'm already looking forward to my better planned, more spacious container gardens of the future. This is a bad habit of mine though - always looking too far ahead. Oreo has no problem with enjoying the moment at hand - his tiny catnip plants have already been deemed totally appropriate for consumption.