Monday 30 May 2011


Started off this weekend in band mode with a practice on Friday and a recording session on Saturday. Two new songs recorded: Fine Lines & Magical Thinking. Pretty stoked to finish these two.

On Saturday evening I finally started to get my garden together. I'm not typically a handy person (I'm way too hasty and impatient for all that fine measuring), but I actually managed to put something together that will work. I think.

Unpictured: a late night card printing session for the upcoming Etsy/West Elm event! My basement printing dungeon is absolutely terrible for photo taking - gotta get some light up in there.

Ghost Cat with her weird, translucent grey coat dropped by while I was building on Saturday. I love when she visits/hangs out/forcibly enters my home. Cabbagetown is full of free roaming felines.

Sunday morning I got one 3X6 square foot gardening box fully assembled and planted, and the second one in the works. I had to put this large wire fence up because my yard is a haven for squirrels, raccoons, and cats. I bet this won't stop them (and it looks a little intense), but I've gotta protect those peppers and tomatoes of the future. Operation Backyard Oasis is officially underway.

And this weekend ended like every other weekend this summer will be ended - by playing with my Sunday night softball team The Rebels. This team is comprised of a lot of Steamwhistle employees, who bring a lot of Steamwhistle to the game - so the good times tend to roll with these guys...

Friday 20 May 2011


Looking to spend an afternoon perusing the wares of local TO Etsy sellers, refreshing yourself with drinks, satisfying yourself with snacks, enjoying good company, and window shopping (or shopping for real) for your home? Well, Etsy and West Elm have paired up and organized a pop up event (something they've done in other cities) with the curation assistance of local taste master/maker of romantic goods extraordinaire, Fieldguided.

You can RSVP here or via the Facebook page. You don't have to RSVP to attend, but this does give West Elm an idea of how many drinks and snacks to have available. I don't know the full list of participants, but I hear that Scout & Catalogue, Big Tinsel, Bookhou, and Fieldguided will be there (me too). Sounds good, right? Hope to see you there!

Wednesday 18 May 2011


I just finished up my latest (and largest) project yet! Designing and printing 500 cds for Fine Canadian Forces. Thank you to Rob for all the printing help (a new master of squeegee wrangling!) and to Rob, Dennis, and Tim for such expert assembly assistance. I've got myself a bit of a repetitive strain thing going down and I couldn't have done this without the help of my extra supportive, super helpful pals. Best dudes. I'm definitely happy with the way things turned out, and as always, it was quite the learning experience. My bias is huge, but screen printing just slays digital printing every single time!

Monday 16 May 2011


Here is my latest fiery promotional item for City Of Craft announcing event dates and encouraging applications. Kid Icarus did an excellent job printing up a huge pile of these guys. The cauldron will be bubbling all summer long - make sure to apply by August 31st!

And though I did my best to keep my paws out of my purse this weekend, I did manage to adopt some things at The Spring Trunk Show this past Sunday at The Workroom: a new summer jean shirt and zine from Lemonade, a birthday card by Petra, and some postcards by Kid Icarus. Good hangs, good snacks, good times.

Wednesday 11 May 2011


Charlotte Farmer is a UK illustrator/screen printer (with super excellent handwriting) who describes her work as a combination of low tech printing methods, small intense detail, contrasted with mistakes, imperfections & a bit of more gestural mark making.

Via the magic of the web, Charlotte and I recently crossed paths, and a couple weeks ago I got some excellent mail. Above you will see my sweet new jazz guy tote, a fantastic hello postcard, and the bright stripey bag things came in. I've definitely got a thing for scratchy drawing and screen printing that's intentionally imperfect and full of texture, and Charlotte really hits the mark on this! I grabbed a few images from her website & blog below for your perusal - aren't the snow globes amazing?

Cat Tote

No Bulls Were Harmed In The Making Of This Print, Ole.

Teabag Teatowel

Kate & Wills Teatowel

Jane Hearts Isambard

Saturday 7 May 2011


A few photos from The Drake Spring Market. Thanks to everyone involved for such a great day.
After (what felt like) weeks of rain, it was such a relief to see clear skies.

Petra's excellent gocco cards and a simple, genius display idea: boxes with chalkboard paint!
FYI: Petra will be selling her pouches and cards at The Spring Trunk Show next weekend.

One of the best parts of any outdoor event? Dogs. Look at this guy!

Mini donuts review? A++.

This apron is currently for sale at The Drake General Store. I designed the image and they printed it up and hand dyed (!!!) the fabric. Need a luck promoting gift for that messy, culinary adventurist in your life?

Thursday 5 May 2011


I recently answered a few questions for Sycamore Street Press for their MONTH OF PAPER.
Sycamore Street Press makes letterpress cards, prints, invitations, and more.
Check out their extensive collection of letterpress goodies here.
Thanks Eva!