Thursday 28 February 2013


Something happened today. Danielle Wright (collab partner extraordinaire & true crime stories lover) opened an online shop for her jewelry! 

These pieces are all limited and totally unique. I have a pyramids necklace and a bead loops necklace and I still have to stop myself from stealing all the other necklaces every time I go into the studio.

See that top left one? Danielle calls it a cone with handle necklace, but if I was put in an Inception scenario where I was going to extract very important info from someone else's dreams, this would definitely be my totem. Is this real life? Am I awake? Yes you are (and you have an awesome necklace).

Monday 25 February 2013


I have a confession to make.

(clears throat) I've lived in Toronto for 10 years and I've never been to the AGO. What? I KNOW! It's outrageous, right? I finally went a couple weeks ago to check out the Patti Smith photos, the wood rich building, and everything else. That is one beautiful building! I will go again.

This roller coaster bed by Los Carpinteros was my favourite piece. Sleeping and rollercoasters? Two of the greatest things ever! This is such a fun idea and so pleasing to look at. Check out another take on their fun with bed design here

While I've never been to the AGO until recently, I have been to the Riverdale Farm, which is a couple blocks from my place. This is a cool place for families. It's also a cool place for me when I'm in bad moods. I find it kind of hard to be irritated when I look at cows. Cows are hilarious. (unpictured: cows)

Here are some shots from back in the fall:

Lastly: Allan Gardens. You might say "Sandi, you've already blogged about this place before! How repetitive!" And to that I say: you are correct. But I love it so much! And lots of things I do are repetitive. I will literally never tire of having coffee in the morning. Or eating a President's Choice The Decadent Chocoloate Chip Cookie Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich right before bed. Same goes for Allan Gardens. No matter what is happening outside, it is always a quiet tropical paradise inside.

Friday 22 February 2013


Inspired by one of Anabela's cakes, my friend Tim's talk of vanilla cake, and my general desire to avoid doing everything I should have been doing; I baked something the other day. Shocker! It's a kid style cake. Party boob cake? Dennis and I worked on eating this cake for days. Sometimes it feels good to work, ya know?

 Winter continues. That's...pretty cool. 

Danielle and I are hard at work on our next Falconwright collection. I am so excited to unleash this update! There are so many exciting new details. Zippers, lots of new patterns, fun colours,  new branding, and more! YES.

Speaking of Falconwright, Danielle and I recently got a box full of samples from our Urban Outfitters collaboration. Here is a peek at the branding and me modelling the guitar strap. Is having your own guitar strap on your guitar the most egotistic thing on the planet? Probably. Whatever. I like it.

Lastly, a picture of Mac. Who continues to be under the impression that feet are toys. Not so, guy. Not so.

Monday 18 February 2013


Distressed pumpkin man has a drink and contemplates life. 
Drink of choice: beer. Mood: weary. Plans for tomorrow: much of the same.

Finally starting to work on a series of drawings featuring this pumpkin man. I've been thinking about this pumpkin guy (Jack?) for quite some time, and I almost feel relieved that he is now a reality. Is this guy the sensitive younger brother of The Headless Horseman? What is his favourite kind of pie? Does he wear a hat when it's cold outside, or does he prefer earmuffs? Does he even have ears? Has his heart been broken? I've always found sad feelings to be more inspiring to me than happy ones, despite my big love for bright colours and my overall lust for good times and adventure, so for this series I'm just going to dive right into that (pumpkin)head first.

Jack-o-lanterns are the best. I love how you can carve any emotion you'd like into the face of this fruit every Halloween. How the end result can be crude or elaborate or not even a face at all, and all of those things are equally as pleasing. Halloween forever!

Monday 4 February 2013


The only thing that connects these images is their complete lack of colour. Here we go!

Caitlyn and I are almost out of our dog postcard sets and snacks zines. If you need to send some words to the dog lovers in your life, or compare your favourite snacks with ours, both of these items are now half price in our shops. $6 bucks each. Also? You should check out Caitlyn's series of drawings called I DON'T LIKE THIS on her blog! It's a good one.

A winter peek outside my back door. Old man Winter has been a real joker lately. Snow, rain, spring jackets, ice, etc. Make up your mind, man.

I recently (aka finally) finished Just Kids by Patti Smith. A+ book! It's pretty embarrassing how long it takes me to finish a book these days. I would really like to read more! I would also like to win the lottery, learn how to drive a car, and establish a lust for getting up early and seizing the day. To live is to dream...

My sister brought me a bunch of weird drawings that I did when I was a kid over the holidays. Most of our childhood photos, etc have been displaced over time or ruined by a small house flood, so it was a treat to look though some old stuff. This is one of them I photocopied. A princess (me), holding a balloon (with a girl's face on it? my own face?), saying hello to her Dad in the sky (is the dad a bird? is the Dad driving a plane about to hit a bird?). Kids are weird. I'm pretty much still this good at drawing people.

I've been attempting to blog more. Is this the kind of thing my blog is for? Do people care what my backyard looks like in the winter, if I have a new tattoo, or if there's a really cool garden close to my house? Do I just stick to new design work and process shots? Who knows, but I'm going to take my own advice from the post below and stop worrying/over-analysing and just go with it. 


Sandi Falconer
Going With It Since 2013

Friday 1 February 2013


A new print now available in my shop! For all the worriers, panic lovers, and anxiety fighters in the house! While it's certainly appropriate to worry sometimes, I definitely worry too much. What a boring drain of energy! I posted a pic of this guy on instagram while I was printing it, and the reaction leads me to believe that I am definitely not alone. Looks like we all need to be reminded to dial it back a little ;) While this print may not change your tendency to over worry, or mine, maybe it will remind us to try harder? I WANT TO BELIEVE.

8X10 screen print. If you're in Toronto and would like to pick up a copy, feel free to send me an email!

Dot dot dot!