Tuesday 27 May 2008

School Is IN.

Chalkboard paint in all its organizational glory, man.

Wednesday 21 May 2008


Self Portrait, 1992.
I still look pretty much like this.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

A Pretty Plastic Piece Of Crap!

If I was rich (or more well off rather) I would love to buy this beautful seafoam green Diana camera (they sell it at Urban Outfitters). I realize how horribly trendy buying nostalgia items from Urban Outfitters is, but since I'm not rich I don't have to worry about actually making the purchase, ha. A while ago D and I were poking around at some pawn shops downtown and I (a person who knows very little about cameras) asked a guy if he had any Lomo cameras. He responded with an exasperated "Lomo is a Russian piece of crap! And I'm Russian! It's worthless! If you want to buy a piece of crap go on the Ebay!" Then he told me a few people looking like me had recently asked him for this type of camera. This man effectivley reduceded me to the cliche demographic I truly am. He was amazing.
This past week has been spent sick (again, really!) so there has been very little art making and too much tea drinking. I feel the cloud of illness dissapearing as we speak though, which will mean good things for fun projects once again.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Tough Love.

The King has been transformed into a show poster. A sleazy piece of promotion. He's a tough fighter that likes loud music and lots of attention from his kingdom. He believes in be-headings and sleep deprivation experiments . . . be afraid.

This show is going to be good times. We Versus The Shark is an awesome band from the US you should check out for sure (CLICK!).

Also! We have a few new songs that we're stoked about playing before we start being song writing shut-ins for the next month or two in preparation for recording.

Bring on the Sunday night adventures.