Sunday 31 July 2011


Tomorrow marks the beginning of a two week leave of absence from Toronto life. In other words? VACATION TIME. I'm already scheming about all the things I want to work on when I get back, but until then I am going to be embracing the joys of camping, relaxing on the East Coast, and neglecting computers. Yes!

A few random moments from late July: 1. Printing t-shirts in the dungeon for one of my softball teams. The Rebels have been taking a bit of a beating this year, but spirits remain HIGH. 2. Re-printed a whack of cards which are now available at Nouvelle Nouvelle in Vancouver and Press: Works On Paper in San Francisco! 3. Treats from Whitney (an all-star third basewoman). 4. Important ingredients for my favourite mixed drink of the summer. 5. An amazing new triangle/pyramid necklace handmade by Danielle. Been wearing this guy all the time. & 6. 3D glasses for some very old school (aka ghetto) 3D visuals at The Toronto Underground Cinema.

Lastly, if you're in Toronto on Saturday August the 13th check out The Bloorcourt Arts And Crafts Streetfair Marketplace that Jen put together. Vendor list: here!

Saturday 30 July 2011


This Rob Hodgson graveyard print taunted me from my Etsy favourites list for quite some time. You know when you see something and you're immediately in love with it and kinda jealous at the same time? Well, this one can now haunt me from the comfort of my home. It's the perfect mix of pretty and spooky. What a beauty!

Rob Hodgson is an illustrator from Bristol. Check out his excellent work here: website / shop / blog

Tuesday 19 July 2011


The haphazard fences protecting my two garden boxes look a little intense, and they're kind of a pain to navigate around, but a family of raccoons frequently tramp through my yard like they own the place. Scrambling up the fence in a line 5 deep, hanging out under my deck, making their noises. Watching the little guys learn how to climb fences and get their sneak on is actually kind of cute though...

So, I've worked through my lettuce and done some replanting. Been harvesting radishes and beans. Made some pesto from the basil. I hate being all growing food is cool blah blah blah boring blahhhhh, but it kind of is. Jalapenos and tomatoes are popping up all over the place. Chard, kale, and cucumbers are coming along too. And there are even a couple pumpkin plants in the very back of the yard. It's a (mini) jungle out there!

Fact: tomato leaves are hands down one of my favourite smells. If I go in the backyard, feeling up the tomato plants is job one.

Monday 11 July 2011


I've kind of been kind of missing in action on the design and printing front lately - been busy the past couple of weeks soaking up the summer, doing some music stuff, and generally avoiding excessive extra curricular computer use. But there are some things going on behind the scenes - reprints, general scheming, and maybe a collab with a friend? In the meantime here's a more extensive peek into where I've been spending Friday nights lately...

We recently moved into a new practice space on tha East side. Dennis' band practices here too. Highlights include (but are not limited to): the crazy doll lamp, the old Babydolls sign, The Notorious B.I.G., the yarn installation from a past show, the woodsy mural, the guy that rides through the halls on his homemade electric bike, and the old school piano. I don't think we'll end every practice with a trip to McDonalds, but sometimes you just need to have a heavy dose of sugar and salt, ya know?!