Wednesday 28 November 2012


My handwriting font du jour.

Miss. Wright and I are hosting a studio sale/party tomorrow night at our studio! YES. Located on the fringes of the Dupont Strip (oh man, what a terrible name!). Look for the auto garage with the partially polka dotted pole out front. Doors are open from 6-10 pm. Stop by early, come later on - the choice is all yours. There will be snacks, beverages, music, and a bunch of great people selling their awesome stuff (check out that lineup above). I wrote a little bit about all of our party sellers over on the Falconwright blog if you want to know more!

This party really pushed us to really get our space together. We've made so many improvements! I never imagined I would have a workspace outside of my home, or that we could take a plain room in a not so pretty building above an auto garage, and turn it into one of my very favourite places with the help of one of my very favourite people. This party is not only a sale, but also a celebration of this clubhouse, and a high five to all our pals who have helped and supported us this year. But of course, it's also a sale. Party shopping: it's the best of both worlds.

Something else you will find at this event? Caitlyn and I's 3rd collaboration project: The Holiday Card Pack! A limited run of 25 packs of 4 screen printed cards. Caitlyn's egg nog card is my new favourite card in the entire world. And I made a batman smells card because I am a...31 year old woman.

I love how Caitlyn designed her cards to go landscape, and I went portrait. When we did our dog postcards her dogs were looking right, and mine left. Collaborating is the best.

Hope we see you tomorrow!

Sunday 25 November 2012


You can now find these 5 new cards in my etsy shop! For the plant enthusiast/ice cream fiend/funny lover/shining diamond/awesome person who did that thing for you in your life. Also? A mystery pack.

To get rid of some of my older stock and revamp my shop, I have put together 10 mystery packs. Each one contains two 5X7 mini prints, seven cards (including one Over The Moon card with congratulations text I did for Urban Graphic) as well as anything else I decide to toss in! A little drawing? A weird message?  A list of my favourite X-Files episodes to compare with yours? Fun wrapping? It's...a mystery.

Wednesday 7 November 2012


Attention web surfers/leather lovers/early holiday shoppers: Danielle and I updated our shop today! It's not a brand new collection, but it is a sizeable restock with a few exciting surprises. The new kids on the block are as follows: zipper pouches, some strappy wallets & card holders, some pretty new leather colours, and two new patterns! 

That October sign above is from the school across the street from my house. Whatever life coaches, I get all my guidance from Winchester Junior & Senior Public School. An exclamation mark too (because they mean it). According to them, November is the month of empathy.

My giant, smashed phone is sleeping inside the wallet in this picture. Snug as a bug in a bag. Danielle made a card holder like this a while back, but we never had the right leather to reproduce it. This pink is perfect though: flexible and thick, spongy and soft. We only managed to get our greedy paws on a very limited supply of this colour (same goes for the light brown and lavender leathers). Sometimes sourcing materials feels like treasure hunting.

Zip pouches! For: travel items, makeup, candy stashes, your weird extensive collection of  little pencils, or whatever else you'd like to carry around. That Danielle Wright keeps upping her game.

 New Pattern 01: CLAWS.
New Pattern 02: WILD PAISLEY. Brick teardrop flowers, loops, and floating tulip heads.