Tuesday 28 June 2011


Double sided cards that tell the tale of a dangerous journey... One dedicated, agile man and one brave, spider killing woman risk their lives to retrieve perfect tokens of love - one precious rock and one special little tree. To the top of the mountains and to the bottom of the oceans, people. I plan to frame these guys and hang them up in my claustrophobic bedroom. Off-kilter lines get me every time.

Luke Best is an artist from London UK. His catalogue of work, style, and colour choices are all super excellent. Inspiring stuff!

Tuesday 14 June 2011


Slices From The Past Few Days: Garden Edition.

1. This gnome resides in one of my herb/flower boxes. He's my urban scarecrow. He guards against squirrels, raccoons, and keeps shit generally real. Full lips, two teeth, and an attitude. 2. Patio flowers and other newly planted things that I hope will grow. That chair and table were left by the previous tenants - score. 3. My pal Shayna on our overcast day trip to St. Jacobs market. She's like a flower, but instead a human woman I like to eat poutine with. 4. Flower stand at St. Jacobs Market. I bought a truly impressive assortment of delicious food stuff that day. And enjoyed one of my faves - a pickle on a stick. 5. One of my garden boxes. Things are actually growing! I feel like gardening, while time consuming and kind of unexpectedly expensive at times, makes me feel awe in the same way I did when I was a kid. Like, I'm shocked to watch plants actually grow. My faith in not killing things around me is generally very low, ha.

Friday 10 June 2011


kid icarus // the screen printing duo from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Just dropped off a boatload of cards at Kid Icarus. If you live in Toronto and haven't stopped by the shop yet, you should definitely add a visit to your future destinations list. They've got a wide selection of handmade goods/screen printing supplies, are enthusiastic supporters of all kinds of makers/designers/etc, and they also offer screen printing services (which you'll see happening right in the store). Michael and Bianca recently celebrated Kid Icarus' 4th anniversary, and this gorgeous video by StillMotion gives you a great peek into what they're all about.

Wednesday 8 June 2011


The We Heart Handmade event this past weekend was a hit. Thanks so much to everyone involved: Etsy, West Elm, Anabela, Mildred's Temple Kitchen. And thanks to all the cool people that came out to eat snacks, hang out, and support independent makers of all kinds. As per usual I completely forgot I had a camera in my bag, so this photo of my talk show style comfort zone was punked from Fieldguided's blog (they actually used their camera - pros). It was really great of West Elm to join forces with Etsy and promote independent makers in their store.

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Check out Fieldguided's post about the event for a more thorough visual documentation. Also: Beaux Mondes, Wicked & Weird, and West Elm.

By some small miracle, I only came home with one souvenir. I was incredibly tempted by a necklace by Big Tinsel and a backpack by the super charming Wool, Leather, and Wood - mark those things down on my items to procure in the future list. I did pick up this peachy pouch by Scout & Catalogue though. That's one hot summer pouch. All of Bre's stuff was excellent.

Also thanks to Shayna, Tallulah, and Rob for loitering like pros on the couch with me for the majority of the day. You guys are the best. And to those of you who said hello or introduced themselves - it was nice to meet you.

Thursday 2 June 2011


New things: brightly coloured floral cards (from the Acid Trip Flower Shop?) and mountain/cave pattern postcard packs. Made these guys for the Etsy/West Elm pop-up this Saturday. What's with all the intense colour? Must be feeling the summer vibes.

This weekend is going to be nuts. Nuts in such a great way though! Playing a show on Friday, reppin' at the Etsy/West Elm event on Saturday, attending my pals wedding brunch on Sunday, and playing softball on Sunday/Monday nights. Does anyone have any recommendations for maintaining energy that don't require sleeping at home, sleeping at my day job, chilling out, or eating well? Please forward all suggestions to sandiisgoingcrazy@gmail.com (not really!).

Anyhow, I hope to meet/hang out with some of your nice faces this weekend at West Elm! Please say hello and we will enjoy each others company and talk about things. Potential topics include (but are not limited to): screen printing, Etsy, Toronto, the weather, your favourite beers, what you can't stand the smell of (me: coconut oil and cilantro), summer trips, home remedies, family secrets, and what I'm sure will be your impeccable sense of style. Until then!