Tuesday 26 April 2011


Looking to go treasure hunting this weekend? Come down to the Drake Spring Market on Saturday from 10 - 4. There will be a mixed bag of items for sale: antiques, handmade jewelry/cards/prints, flowers/plants, furniture, and more. The Drake describes the event as hotel auction meets good old fashioned garage sale. I'll be there! Petra will be there too. My fingers are all crossed for sunny weather.

Monday 18 April 2011


A couple neighbourhood cats have come to visit recently. My favourite? Cow Cat. She's much less skittish than Ghost Cat. I really hope she comes back often, as I am in dire need of some cat love.

Monday 4 April 2011


I turned 30 last week. Nuts! In honour of this numeric milestone, I hosted a double birthday party for myself and one of the greatest ladies I know. Aging Aries unite! I neglected my camera entirely, as I was too busy chatting away and eating. Very important party business. As you can see here, Amy (who excels in all aspects of ingredient manipulation) made us two cakes. Two! Carrot for Shayna, and vanilla (with a brownie in the middle) for me. I've really lucked out in the friends making me amazing cakes department over the past couple of years (see: last year). Dennis and I have been hard at work trying to conquer the leftovers. With hard work and determination, we just might succeed. Thanks for the great night pals.