Monday 31 May 2010


Garden experiment of 2010: containers.

Planted: tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, beans, spinach, romaine, kale, parsley, sweet basil, thai basil, chives, a couple beets, and catnip for the big man. Nothing too crazy volume wise (the containers are pretty small), but they should be easy to maintain and fun to watch.

All of this will surely be tempting for the devilish, wailing, night raccoons, who host fight club in our yard when the sun goes down. The horrible sounds they make!

Oreo is happiest in the summer when we let him out in the yard. He rolls around in the dirt, eats grass, sunbathes like a pro, and generally lives the good life.

Monday 24 May 2010


Random snaps from this past weekend.
Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend.

Signs your not a wine aficionado?
Choosing bottles based purely on their pleasing labels.

Yard sale score #257468 - this vase.

Magic beans.

The Leslie Spit: an interesting mix of pretty scenery and old, rusty building materials.

Sunshine? Check.
Sunburns? Check.

I picked up a rock from the shore with Dennis' name on it.
What are the odds?

Not pictured: music playing, baseball hitting, book reading, and food eating.
Grade: A+

There hasn't been much printing going on at DW headquarters these days. But there's a craft fair this upcoming weekend and a couple other creative experiments on the horizon . . .

Thursday 20 May 2010


It's only appropriate that after a post about cute cards featuring hearts and kittens with pretty flourescent pink bows, that I would introduce you to some gore . . . . .

My pal Rob and I did the music to a movie called Long Pigs about 5 years ago. It's a low-budget mockumentary about a couple of incompetent filmmakers who set out to make a documentary about a cannibal serial killer and find themselves in way over their heads.

By chance, we ran into one of the filmmakers a few months ago and were told it would be playing for a week at The Royal. We had never seen the final cut, so it was really fun to watch the movie at the theatre a couple nights ago!
Chris and Nathan (and everyone involved) did a great job.

Check out this weeks Eye Magazine which documents the 7 year journey of the making of the movie. The article uses Long Pigs as an example of how much time and effort people put into independent productions that they feel passionately about - and that it isn't always a walk in the park to create something. Truth!

Also . . . handing out beef jerky at the door "made" by the character in the movie? Hilarious.

Saturday 8 May 2010


Recent local acquisitions: these cute screen printed cards made by the ladies of Beside Herself. I love the bowed up kitty - she's far more polite and much less needy than Oreo. Get yours here.