Tuesday 29 April 2008

The King.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

The Great Outdoors.

This weekend I took the tank outside for a backyard adventure. He was super stoked about it, rolling around like he was 4 years younger and 10 pounds lighter. A new man indeed.

Though I have NO expertise when it comes to gardening, I've decided to finally attempt a backyard clean up. D and I NEVER used our very private and amazing back yard last year. This = criminal. So far I'm just in the cleaning up debris phase, but I managed to (trans)plant some parsley and basil into one of the garden worthy areas. I wonder if they'll live!? Let the great experiment begin . . . .

Step By Step!

Setting Up.

Layer 1.

Layer 2 (blue is darker then I intended - bah!).

Layer 3.

Almost there . . .

Layer 4 - Done!

The text reads easier in better light. I am lazy at the picture taking post printing, ha.


Saturday 19 April 2008

Goodbye Death Flu, Hello Spring Fever.

I've finally kicked the dreaded DEATH FLU. DEATH FLU was not good for being creative or productive. DEATH FLU was generally a shitty house guest and bad friend. Good riddance!

D and I picked up some really nice cream paper today for this poster. We're making 50 copies of this 4 colour beast over the next few days.

I picked up this very pretty looking book the other day and am looking forward to reading it my backyard now that it's basically summer. The authors purpose (Joshua Glenn and Carol Hayes) was to investigate the "human drive and capacity to invest inanimate objects with meaning." I've always enjoyed hearing the stories behind people's valued things - especially found things with little to no retail value. Call me sentimental . . . .

Tuesday 15 April 2008


(((4 colour print on slate grey paper)))

Truth: Printed posters always look better than digital posters. Paint and printer ink are simply not competitors!

Friday 11 April 2008

An Ode To Polish Cut Outs.

This weekend's goal: to screen print this poster.


Photo: Colour Is The Keyboard Opening reception

Did you (or everyone you know) come down the mysterious and sneaky DEATH FLU? I spent the last full week in bed after a busy week (a few music shows and the CITK opening) recovering from the harsh clutches of this spring illness. Rating: F. Do not see in theaters.

The opening reception of Colour Is The Keyboard was great. I felt a little shy about taking pictures, so I only snapped a couple blurry crowd shots. The whole show was quality, and the set by DD/MM/YYY totally blew me away. Rachel Verbin did an awesome job putting things together. Check out her photography.

As someone who tends to write a lot of lists and little snippets into various notebooks, I really liked this artwork by Luke Correia. The top label reads "Take One I've Had These Conversations Already."

Here's a picture of D checking out our prints (4 of 5). He's really thinking about them, y'know? Haha.