Monday 21 January 2013


Fact: the ladies in my life are killing it in the necklace department lately.

Check out that low hanging, double stacked dotty number by Sojourn. Shayna has a bunch of different options available in her shop and they're all beautiful. I've got one and it's the best. And guess what? Shayna is having a sale in her shop right now! Everything is 20 percent off with the code BLUEMONDAY until February 1st. That's a hot deal on a cold day.

Danielle (workmate extrordinaire/swan hater) gave me this brassy beaded beauty for Christmas. It's also the best. She doesn't have a shop right now, and while I would love to keep this one of a kind treasure all to my self, and have the only one available on the planet, you should probably pester her to make you one too...

Now, let's go on a mini trip through some dark corners in local supply shops.

This is what a stingray skin looks like. Like a slightly scary, kinda happy looking face. I HAD NO IDEA.

Here we were counting out so many zippers in the bra supplies isle. Lighting: low. Zipper colours: a secret (for now).


There are so many things at sewing stores that look like they've been there for a million years. Like walls of forgotten plastic buckles. Weird leathers. And dusty ribbons.

You should probably call your new band Dusty Ribbons?

Stop telling me how to live my life, sewing supplies store person. I know, man. I know...

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