Saturday 4 August 2012


Here's a sunny little poster I designed for the Bloorcourt Arts & Crafts Fair and City of Craft. I will be out of town when this event goes down, but lots of good people will be taking it to the streets that day to sell things they made while liberally reapplying sunscreen. Maybe you will visit them? And maybe you will enjoy an ice cream from a truck too. 

I recently had the pleasure of designing some wedding invitations for friends. I didn't post the entire thing here, because I felt weird about splashing their personal info on the web (I don't think my blog browsers are wedding crashers, but you never know, right?). This was my first time designing wedding invites, and it was a fun challenge. Unpictured: guitars, banjos, cocktails, etc. Big ups to Steve and Claudine!

Oh hey, meet my new workspace! This is where I spend most the vast majority of my time now and I love it. This is my first time working outside of my house, and I can already say for certain that I am far more productive when not surrounded by my couch and fridge (though we do hope to get a couch and just got a mini fridge...). Can you believe the light? We've been adding art to the walls and still have some work to do, but it's already such a great place to work from. Of course, it was only this clean for only about 45 seconds...

This is what happens when you cut a lot of leather in the middle of the hot summer. SUEDE LEGS. 

Fun fact: Danielle and I are working on some new items for our next Falconwright collection. She wrote a post about it over on our blog with a couple more sneaky pictures, but we're adding a few extra players (aka bags) to our roster. Can't wait to introduce you to the team.

Print, clean, rinse, repeat. I am going on vacation next week (camping) and I'm considering unplugging from the web and not using my phone at all. Kinda foaming at the mouth just thinking about it though. Can I do it? I probably can't do it. Maybe I could do it? I want to do it! I am excited to decrease my screen printing by 100% and replace it with 100% more swimming and afternoon beers (or bears?).

And lastly, my next collab project with Caitlyn is also well under way. It's gonna be a doozy. More revealing photos coming soon! We'll be at Zine Dream on the 12th with it and you should come. Zine Dream is always packed with cool stuff, and your eyes will not be disappointed. Plus, it's very possible we will have snacks...


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes to all of deez tings.


Jordynn said...

Yay! What a great space!! Congrats :)