Sunday 15 July 2012


I've been neglecting my blog and having a hot summer fling with Instagram. Here's a peek at what's been up with the awesome power of words. Long live the details!

1. Meet my new giant squeegee, Steve. Steve is gorgeous, untouched by ink and hard work. I've since sullied him up with paint and taught him a thing or two about the perils of repetitive strain. Welcome to the team, Steve! 2. No frills screen burning 101. While I dream about a more sophisticated light table with a faster burn time, this still works just fine. 3. I'm no colour mixing pro, but I try my best. 4. One of my least favourite parts of the screen printing process: reclaiming screens. Big ups to necessary evils!

1. I asked a stranger take a photo of Danielle and I on the street the other day like we were a couple of leather toting tourists. Here we are hauling hides down beautiful Bathurst Street in the blazing midday sun. 2. Packing up some Falconwright wholesale orders. We've added a small selection of neat stores to our stockists page- check it out here3. Perfect Leather is the best. It should be noted that I used to think it was the worst and it stressed me out to just walk in the door. I'm glad that things have changed. 4. Danielle models the finest in fancy leather cutting gear - modified batting gloves. Classy!

1. Garlic, basic, and a few green onions. Ingredients from the garden for... 2. PESTO! It's the summer of pesto, guys. Adding green onions might be a little weird, but I just don't know how to get rid of all these guys. 3. A look at my second garden box, where the tomato plants are fairly mighty, but entirely barren of fruit? 4. Lettuce for days! My intake of salad has increased about 100 percent this summer by growing lettuce. The slugs increased their intake of lettuce too.

1 & 2. The right and left view from my spot at the table on my back patio. The buildings that surround my yard are pretty beautiful, and it's really quiet for being in the center of the city. The backyard is definitely my favourite part of our house. 3. My second favourite part of my house = these windows in my living room. 4. Do all freelancers have a hard time feeding themselves? I sure do. I'm trying to force myself to eat more regular meals, and maybe a healthy snack or two. Like these cherries. I can't survive on coffee and handfuls of chips and spoonfuls of Nutella alone. Or can I...

PS - Huh, blogger is making some of my words look like links, even though they are not. And life continues to be full of little mysteries!

PS PT. 2 - Instagram ups the dramatic gauzy romance of my life by at least 75 percent. Do not be fooled - it's also full of greasy summer skin, leg bruises from bikes and baseball, fruit flies, and floors that desperately need sweeping (boring).


anabela / fieldguided said...

This is probably the funniest post I've read in ages. "Instagram ups the dramatic gauzy romance of my life by at least 75 percent" -- HAAAAAAAAAAA!


Anabela: Thanks, dude. 75 percent may have been a conservative estimate, haha!

Jamie said...

perfect - everyone can have a dramatic feel of your life... that's not a bad thing!
(but hey - bruises can be dreamy too!)