Friday 17 August 2012


1. Lee sporting her new pretzel bag. Total paparazzi shot here. Hi Lee! 2. Our table at Zine Dream. 3. Edible decor. 4. Caitlyn Murphy, logo lover.

We had a great time at Zine Dream eating pretzels, drinking coffee, drinking beer, and catching up with pals. Thanks so much to our ever supportive friends for dropping by and hanging out. News: Caitlyn and I just opened up a joint webshop where you can purchase our collective projects here! How many web shops does one girl need? The answer is 3. 3 webshops.

While I was on a strict money spending ban that day, you could have really destroyed your bank account walking through The Tranzac. So many talented folks making stuff in this city.

Another peek at a few inside pages. Fun fact: I used to work at McDonald's as a youth, so I've kind of got a soft spot for it. Sometimes I even worked at the Wal-Mart location (...the horror!). Remember when McDonald's had pizza?

A couple moments from a recent trip camping: 1. Get real, sunsets! 2. A deer just grazing about like a bunch of people aren't watching it. Oh, Canada. 3. Trying our best to create a fake fire with candles and flashlights during a fire ban. 4. It's been proven: lake swimming continues to be the very best thing.

We disconnected our phones from the web and used them as cameras, watched sunsets, didn't run into the "problem bear" that was apparently lurking around the area, played a few spirited games of Apples to Apples, and read books (real books!). Take me back, please.


Rival Boys said...

Hey Sandi!

Yes please: More Camping, More Lakes, Less Fire Bans.


p.s. I love my pretzel bag!

Unknown said...

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