Monday 30 May 2011


Started off this weekend in band mode with a practice on Friday and a recording session on Saturday. Two new songs recorded: Fine Lines & Magical Thinking. Pretty stoked to finish these two.

On Saturday evening I finally started to get my garden together. I'm not typically a handy person (I'm way too hasty and impatient for all that fine measuring), but I actually managed to put something together that will work. I think.

Unpictured: a late night card printing session for the upcoming Etsy/West Elm event! My basement printing dungeon is absolutely terrible for photo taking - gotta get some light up in there.

Ghost Cat with her weird, translucent grey coat dropped by while I was building on Saturday. I love when she visits/hangs out/forcibly enters my home. Cabbagetown is full of free roaming felines.

Sunday morning I got one 3X6 square foot gardening box fully assembled and planted, and the second one in the works. I had to put this large wire fence up because my yard is a haven for squirrels, raccoons, and cats. I bet this won't stop them (and it looks a little intense), but I've gotta protect those peppers and tomatoes of the future. Operation Backyard Oasis is officially underway.

And this weekend ended like every other weekend this summer will be ended - by playing with my Sunday night softball team The Rebels. This team is comprised of a lot of Steamwhistle employees, who bring a lot of Steamwhistle to the game - so the good times tend to roll with these guys...


shayna said...

i love your gardening gumption and gusto! and music, printing, and softball on top of that? you = a renaissance woman!

Danielle said...

That garden box is AWESOME- will be trying to recreate this in my garden this week fo sho. The squirrels are starting to eat my seedlings too. Grrrrr.

Jaime said...

Operation Backyard Oasis is wicked! What a fun weekend!

John McDonald said...

I am a big fan of Ghost Cat.


Shayna: Thanks, pal. More like a crazy woman though! Ha.

Danielle: Good luck! I look forward to updates. Don't let the squirrels get ya down. Don't let them win, ha.

Jaime: Thanks, lady.

John McDonald: Ghost Cat is a big fan of you too.