Wednesday 11 May 2011


Charlotte Farmer is a UK illustrator/screen printer (with super excellent handwriting) who describes her work as a combination of low tech printing methods, small intense detail, contrasted with mistakes, imperfections & a bit of more gestural mark making.

Via the magic of the web, Charlotte and I recently crossed paths, and a couple weeks ago I got some excellent mail. Above you will see my sweet new jazz guy tote, a fantastic hello postcard, and the bright stripey bag things came in. I've definitely got a thing for scratchy drawing and screen printing that's intentionally imperfect and full of texture, and Charlotte really hits the mark on this! I grabbed a few images from her website & blog below for your perusal - aren't the snow globes amazing?

Cat Tote

No Bulls Were Harmed In The Making Of This Print, Ole.

Teabag Teatowel

Kate & Wills Teatowel

Jane Hearts Isambard


shayna said...

the snow globes ARE amazing!

charlotte farmer said...

Hey nice post!! I'm poised to do a thanks for the eye bags any day now.

Love everything you sent - as you say the internet can be a wonderful thing. Hope everything is going well.



Charlotte: Glad you enjoyed the package! YEAH.