Tuesday 19 March 2013


Finally updated my Etsy shop with these two pumpkin prints!  

This guy had a rough day at the office. After he punched the clock he went over to his local watering hole for a beer or two and some alone time. He has a lot on his mind, you know? It's too bad his friends are busy tonight. Soon he will hear a song he likes on the radio, and then he'll pay his tab. He's going to be ok!

12 X 18 4 colour screen print on cardstock. Ships rolled.
Limited edition run of 20. Signed and numbered.

This pumpkin is having a rough morning. He slept through his alarm, spilled 90 percent of his coffee, and the paper is FULL of bad news. It's not even 9 yet! What is he going to make for dinner tonight? Will it rain later? He forgot his umbrella...again. That's ok. He's tough. He will survive!

8 X 8 inch 5 colour screen print on Stonehenge paper. Ships flat.
Limited edition run of 25 prints! Signed and numbered.

If you're located in Toronto, and would like to pick a print up locally to save $ on shipping, email me: info(at)deadweight.ca

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