Monday 11 March 2013


Big news! We released our spring collection over at Falconwright today!  

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Danielle and I built a fruit stand in our studio for this collection. Hoisted up an awning with fishing line, covered tables in burlap, stacked fruit, etc. Pretty lucky that making a fake fruit stand is part of my job. And now our new backup career plan is to go into the fruit game. Time to go eat some more bananas...

It was such an honour to meet one of the Honest Ed's sign painters, Doug Kerr. If you aren't from Toronto, google image search HONEST ED'S SIGNS, because there are so many, and they are all so good. Our studio is right down the street from this local landmark, and as a nod to our city, we thought it would be really fun to use Doug's authentic talents. He also paints ice cream trucks in this town! Lettering pros blow my mind.

As promised you will find: zippers, neon, new metal tags, some nature inspired prints to go with our usual bold geometric stuff (flowers!), some bright leather colours, some neutral leather colours, and a bunch of contrasting leather zipper pulls for good measure! YEAH.


sheila said...

amazing!! FRESH! love your work. can't believe you met one of Honest Ed's sign painters! classic! I miss Toronto, lived there for 13 years. love the lights of Honest Ed's and loved the annex. the Bloor Cinema featured prominently in my personal history, as a matter of fact. best of luck with the spring collection!


Sheila: Thanks so much! It was such an awesome pleasure to meet one of the men responsible for those signs :)