Monday 25 February 2013


I have a confession to make.

(clears throat) I've lived in Toronto for 10 years and I've never been to the AGO. What? I KNOW! It's outrageous, right? I finally went a couple weeks ago to check out the Patti Smith photos, the wood rich building, and everything else. That is one beautiful building! I will go again.

This roller coaster bed by Los Carpinteros was my favourite piece. Sleeping and rollercoasters? Two of the greatest things ever! This is such a fun idea and so pleasing to look at. Check out another take on their fun with bed design here

While I've never been to the AGO until recently, I have been to the Riverdale Farm, which is a couple blocks from my place. This is a cool place for families. It's also a cool place for me when I'm in bad moods. I find it kind of hard to be irritated when I look at cows. Cows are hilarious. (unpictured: cows)

Here are some shots from back in the fall:

Lastly: Allan Gardens. You might say "Sandi, you've already blogged about this place before! How repetitive!" And to that I say: you are correct. But I love it so much! And lots of things I do are repetitive. I will literally never tire of having coffee in the morning. Or eating a President's Choice The Decadent Chocoloate Chip Cookie Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich right before bed. Same goes for Allan Gardens. No matter what is happening outside, it is always a quiet tropical paradise inside.


TIM said...

AG is truly one of this city's gems. It's been too long since I've been there!

TIM said...

AG = Allen Gardens, not a missed O in AGO. Though AGO is pretty cool too...


shayna said...

I would like to go to Allen Gardens with you! Take me to this paradise of the tropics!