Friday 22 February 2013


Inspired by one of Anabela's cakes, my friend Tim's talk of vanilla cake, and my general desire to avoid doing everything I should have been doing; I baked something the other day. Shocker! It's a kid style cake. Party boob cake? Dennis and I worked on eating this cake for days. Sometimes it feels good to work, ya know?

 Winter continues. That's...pretty cool. 

Danielle and I are hard at work on our next Falconwright collection. I am so excited to unleash this update! There are so many exciting new details. Zippers, lots of new patterns, fun colours,  new branding, and more! YES.

Speaking of Falconwright, Danielle and I recently got a box full of samples from our Urban Outfitters collaboration. Here is a peek at the branding and me modelling the guitar strap. Is having your own guitar strap on your guitar the most egotistic thing on the planet? Probably. Whatever. I like it.

Lastly, a picture of Mac. Who continues to be under the impression that feet are toys. Not so, guy. Not so.

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