Monday 4 February 2013


The only thing that connects these images is their complete lack of colour. Here we go!

Caitlyn and I are almost out of our dog postcard sets and snacks zines. If you need to send some words to the dog lovers in your life, or compare your favourite snacks with ours, both of these items are now half price in our shops. $6 bucks each. Also? You should check out Caitlyn's series of drawings called I DON'T LIKE THIS on her blog! It's a good one.

A winter peek outside my back door. Old man Winter has been a real joker lately. Snow, rain, spring jackets, ice, etc. Make up your mind, man.

I recently (aka finally) finished Just Kids by Patti Smith. A+ book! It's pretty embarrassing how long it takes me to finish a book these days. I would really like to read more! I would also like to win the lottery, learn how to drive a car, and establish a lust for getting up early and seizing the day. To live is to dream...

My sister brought me a bunch of weird drawings that I did when I was a kid over the holidays. Most of our childhood photos, etc have been displaced over time or ruined by a small house flood, so it was a treat to look though some old stuff. This is one of them I photocopied. A princess (me), holding a balloon (with a girl's face on it? my own face?), saying hello to her Dad in the sky (is the dad a bird? is the Dad driving a plane about to hit a bird?). Kids are weird. I'm pretty much still this good at drawing people.

I've been attempting to blog more. Is this the kind of thing my blog is for? Do people care what my backyard looks like in the winter, if I have a new tattoo, or if there's a really cool garden close to my house? Do I just stick to new design work and process shots? Who knows, but I'm going to take my own advice from the post below and stop worrying/over-analysing and just go with it. 


Sandi Falconer
Going With It Since 2013


Mallory said...

I totally care. Go with it.

Amanda said...

Stop worrying. Don't stop blogging.

anabela / fieldguided said...

This guy totally cares and loves all of it!



shayna said...

Great post! That drawing is evidence of a complex mind, child-Sandi. Ha!

(Love that excerpt from the book... especially since I'm looking at that photo right now.)