Monday 18 February 2013


Distressed pumpkin man has a drink and contemplates life. 
Drink of choice: beer. Mood: weary. Plans for tomorrow: much of the same.

Finally starting to work on a series of drawings featuring this pumpkin man. I've been thinking about this pumpkin guy (Jack?) for quite some time, and I almost feel relieved that he is now a reality. Is this guy the sensitive younger brother of The Headless Horseman? What is his favourite kind of pie? Does he wear a hat when it's cold outside, or does he prefer earmuffs? Does he even have ears? Has his heart been broken? I've always found sad feelings to be more inspiring to me than happy ones, despite my big love for bright colours and my overall lust for good times and adventure, so for this series I'm just going to dive right into that (pumpkin)head first.

Jack-o-lanterns are the best. I love how you can carve any emotion you'd like into the face of this fruit every Halloween. How the end result can be crude or elaborate or not even a face at all, and all of those things are equally as pleasing. Halloween forever!


shayna said...

Pumpkin man forever!

This is the best and I can't wait to see what's next.

TIM said...

Yes, this is very good.

He probably loves pumpkin pie (but hates himself for it).