Monday 10 September 2012


Last Tuesday, Falconwright released it's latest collection! Spent lots of time in the studio with my co-conspirator to put this collection together, and I'm really happy with how it all turned out. New prints, new bags, fun pics, etc! Here are a couple shots from our lookbook (you can see the whole thing here):

Behind the scenes time (lazy Instagram style, as per usual):

When we started to think about what to do for a lookbook, our first thought was to do something really simple. Because a) we are not pro photographers and b) we had a pretty small budget (so no tiger rentals, air balloons, or champagne towers). I showed Danielle a few pieces of paper I had painted, and this soon turned into "What if we made really huge versions of those? Into columns? And painted all the white paper in the universe with one million slightly wonky polka dots?" So we crossed our fingers and started painting, and thankfully it all worked out. Set designers must have fun. And of course, the set would have been nothing without that foxy lady I apparently talk about in every blog post lately, Caitlyn Murphy. Hi, girl ;) Cool illustrator, mega babe, good company - my kind of triple threat.

And here are a few other random moments: 1&2. Caitlyn and Danielle chilling out with Danielle's puppy Ollie after the photos. Recipe for stress relief and happiness: open one cold beer, unleash one cute puppy, feel good. 3. The two bags that Danielle and I adopted from our new collection. Her: baby blue. Me: bright raspberry. & 4. We sent out our orders from last week on Friday. Thank you SO MUCH to anyone who ordered from us - your support means so much. There is lots of stuff left in the shop if you wanna take a peek!

You know those what's in your bag posts you sometimes see on the web? And insides someones bag is a pretty collection of neat things? I kind of love them. Anyhow, if I dumped my pink bucket bag onto the floor right now, it would not be pretty. I keep a messy bag. I'd like to change this (if that's even possible...).


Kitiya Palaskas said...

LOVE THE NEW COLLECTION! The patterns are so fantastic!


Kitiya: Thank you!