Wednesday 14 September 2011


After checking in at a couple local magazine depots, I finally got my paws on a copy of Yen (Australia). This marks Deadweight's first magazine appearance (fun!), and I'm stoked to have been included in such a neat one, all full of pretty ladies and good stuff.


Unknown said...

Nice! Congrats. You're famous.

Pretty cool looking mag.

Anonymous said...

whoa, awesome!!

please don't forget the little people on your rise to the top. haha


shayna said...

sandi! this is AMAZING!

i like that you share a page with some really nice shoes and are across from tina fey. haha.


Thanks, guys!!

shayna said...

if there was ever a sign that you should make a larger print of this (for me to buy), this is it.

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Um. HELLO! Amazing. Great great great.