Friday 2 September 2011


Behold! A couple artifacts from Zine Dream...

Screen printed stickers and a poster from the happiest girl in the room, Eunice Luk. Mischievous raspberry? Yes please. Check out her blog and Fantasy Camp for more.

And I spent the day beside a champion of black and white image manipulation, Raymond Biesenger. Who also plays music in the band The Famines. His pamphlet How To Book A Maybe Successful Tour For A Band That Hasn't Received Hype on Pitchfork, etc
is a useful read for bands that want to book their own tours, and an entertaining read with good reminders for any band that has planned their own tour. Lots of good looking art stuff worthy of peeping in his shop too.

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Kitiya Palaskas said...

Zine Dream sounds so rad! Love the little mischievous raspberry.