Tuesday 14 June 2011


Slices From The Past Few Days: Garden Edition.

1. This gnome resides in one of my herb/flower boxes. He's my urban scarecrow. He guards against squirrels, raccoons, and keeps shit generally real. Full lips, two teeth, and an attitude. 2. Patio flowers and other newly planted things that I hope will grow. That chair and table were left by the previous tenants - score. 3. My pal Shayna on our overcast day trip to St. Jacobs market. She's like a flower, but instead a human woman I like to eat poutine with. 4. Flower stand at St. Jacobs Market. I bought a truly impressive assortment of delicious food stuff that day. And enjoyed one of my faves - a pickle on a stick. 5. One of my garden boxes. Things are actually growing! I feel like gardening, while time consuming and kind of unexpectedly expensive at times, makes me feel awe in the same way I did when I was a kid. Like, I'm shocked to watch plants actually grow. My faith in not killing things around me is generally very low, ha.


Rizie said...

Pictures of flowers and gardening are always so cheery..thanks for sharing!

shayna said...

thank you for the best description of me ever!

your garden photos totally inspire me. what are the little plants just sprouting in the middle??

Candice said...

i'm so envious of anyone with outdoor space! looks like yr putting yrs to good use, lady


Rizie: I agree! And your post on camping is making me look forward to doing something I've avoided for the past 15 years, ha.

Shayna: I also enjoy eating cheese filled omelettes with you. As for what's sprouting in that box from seed? Radishes, spinach, carrots, and chard (plus a few basil/parsley). Radishes are the dudes in the front middle square - they grow fast!

Candice: Thanks - I'm trying!

Anonymous said...

the fact that i'm not allowed window boxes on my third floor apartment is always annoying when i see beautiful pictures like these. i guess i'll stick to succulents that i cant kill inside


oktooca: You're not allowed to have window boxes?! Booooo. But plants you can't kill are good too. I kill at least 50 percent of my house plants and it drives me crazy.