Wednesday 8 June 2011


The We Heart Handmade event this past weekend was a hit. Thanks so much to everyone involved: Etsy, West Elm, Anabela, Mildred's Temple Kitchen. And thanks to all the cool people that came out to eat snacks, hang out, and support independent makers of all kinds. As per usual I completely forgot I had a camera in my bag, so this photo of my talk show style comfort zone was punked from Fieldguided's blog (they actually used their camera - pros). It was really great of West Elm to join forces with Etsy and promote independent makers in their store.

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Check out Fieldguided's post about the event for a more thorough visual documentation. Also: Beaux Mondes, Wicked & Weird, and West Elm.

By some small miracle, I only came home with one souvenir. I was incredibly tempted by a necklace by Big Tinsel and a backpack by the super charming Wool, Leather, and Wood - mark those things down on my items to procure in the future list. I did pick up this peachy pouch by Scout & Catalogue though. That's one hot summer pouch. All of Bre's stuff was excellent.

Also thanks to Shayna, Tallulah, and Rob for loitering like pros on the couch with me for the majority of the day. You guys are the best. And to those of you who said hello or introduced themselves - it was nice to meet you.


anabela / fieldguided said...

That IS one hot summer pouch. Love it!

shayna said...

oh boy, i do love that pouch! i can't wait to see it in action.

p.s. i'll happily come and loiter anytime. xo.


Good taste. Both of you.