Wednesday 9 February 2011


Here is my singular picture from Love & Rummage. You'd almost think I bring my camera around with me just because I like the extra weight. But check out that big smile on The Arthur - so good, right? Thankfully other people actually use their digital (and analog) image capturing devices, so there are more photos here: Karyn from The Workroom, City Of Craft Flickr Group, Celine Kim for Toronto Craft Alert.

The verdict? Sunday was a total hit. This local craft community has been so warm and welcoming - it's all very inspiring and encouraging for this gal. So thanks to everyone that crammed into The Workroom on Sunday. Thanks for picking stuff up from my trunk and having good senses of humour. And thanks to all the people involved for such quality curation, excellent hangs, and inspiring wares.

After the event I went to my friend Tim's annual Superbowl party, ate all of his food, made plenty of jokes at The Black Eyed Peas expense, and nearly fell asleep on his couch. A+ day.

Some artifacts I went home with:

Triangle pouch and notebook by Bookhou, stamp packages by Send More Mail, and a ceramic love medallion by Krystal Speck.

I also managed to pick up the Toronto print I'd been coveting by Fieldguided. Perhaps this will remind me to get to the Island more often? I also adopted one of their tote bags - bold, romantic Kate Bush lyrical references? Yes please.


shayna said...

send more mail is after my very own heart! looks like you scored some total gems all around.

sweetie pie press said...

whenever i see these after-the-fact trunk show posts, i realize how much i always miss even though i spent the whole day there. i love that bookhou pouch and toronto print. and somehow i missed seeing both of them!

also, my sweetie is going to love his deadweight valentines. i mean, he'd better.

leah b said...

ditto the deadweight valentine i picked up! the print, i will reluctantly part with and give to a berlin friend...i should have bought a bucket load.


Shayna: I know! One of these postage packs definitely has your name on it.

Becky: Seriously. You'd think 5 hours would be enough time to take proper stock of things, and yet I somehow managed to miss looking through Shannon's drawings. I thought about it afterwards and was like whaaat?!! AND your sweetie is bound to love anything that comes from you (sorry, that's sappy, I'm barfing too!).

Leah: Maybe I could send you a print for yourself sometime and you could send me back something Berlin-y? CULTURE ME.

Celine said...

hi sandi!
I think I was one of your last customers of the show! I bought a pack of your postcards! I can't wait to use them after I take a photo of them! It was great to meet you in passing, I will see you again soon! xo


Celine: I thought that was you, but I felt weird telling you I recognised you from THE WEB (aka your blog), ha. Glad you like the postcards, and it was nice to meet you too!

Candice said...

OH MANNN how did i not see that tote?! i guess it's for the best. twinsie tote bags are never a good look (...or are they?)

Wayside Violet said...

i have this exact tote and print, too!