Sunday 27 February 2011


I've never been much of a jewelry wearer. I somehow managed to avoid getting my ears pierced all these years, and rings just provide me with an endless target for fidgeting. But necklaces are another story, and one of my recent faves is definitely Finland's Nomoi Koru. Her stuff is bold, geometric, and not too delicate looking - all right up my alley. I bought the triangle guy above a while back, wore it all the time, and then decided to expand my collection with the stone fringe beauty in the middle. Then, because the Internet is amazing, I connected with Maarit (Nomoi Koru jewelry maker extraordinaire) via Etsy and we decided to do a surprise mail exchange. That is how I ended up with this new tote bag and lovely bracelet. I love them, Maarit! Check out her shop here.


shayna said...

i noticed and admired both new items last night, and they are even more lovely in person.

Danielle said...

That middle necklace is awesomeawesome!

jooleedoh said...

incredible!! i've been into this look of jewelry for a while now. i think you would LOVE:



Jooleedoh: Thanks for the recommends! I recently bought a necklace from Noble Town Vintage and love it as well.