Tuesday 22 February 2011


Some photos from the past few days: brand new hello cards with bright fluorescent envelopes, glove prints in new colours, packages ready for mailing, dry dirty paint hands, and my friend Lee's delicious homemade lime birthday cake.

Trying to maintain some sort of balance between jobs, hobbies, and everything else has felt tricky lately. But in lieu of ample down time, February has totally FLOWN by, so that's something. Dear spring: come on already, let's do this!

I spent a great deal of time this long weekend (much to the chagrin of my upper extremities) printing up stuff for DW's first ever road trip! I will be taking part in the March edition of Puces Pop next month, pimping out mini prints and awkward conversation for all! Check out the vendor list. I'm really looking forward to a weekend road trip adventure with my good pal Rob. If anyone has any recommendations for good places for us to eat and drink while in Montreal, I'd love to know your faves!


Amanda said...


gotta go here for the beer carousel!!

have you been to jean talon market? it's a great place to eat and see. get a merguez sandwich!


Mandy: Beer Carousel? Yes please! I haven't been to the Jean Talon Market before. I've actually only been to Montreal twice, and both times were way too speedy, or I was too broke at the time to actually do much, hence my lack of knowledge. Thanks for the recommends!

Jaime said...

I'm head over heels for your new fluorescent hello cards! Have a fantastic trip/show in Montreal!

shayna said...

you will LOVE jean talon market! go at the end of the weekend so you can load up the car on the way home (and get gelato, of course).

also, i ain't buyin' the claim that you haven't done much in montreal. i know better!


Jaime: Thanks!

Shayna: You're right, there was that one VERY memorable trip..... I wonder if I will fit inside our hotel room this time? HA!

sweetie pie press said...

hey, the reverend and i are going, too and shannon and kalpna. let's party!

charlotte farmer said...

hello - I've just printed a hello card too - spooky! I'm really enjoying your hand print and the packaging too.

But what I really wanted to say was; once again you're showing the glamour of the screenprinting world! oh yeah.

lottie x



Charlotte: Thanks, looks like we're on the same wavelength! And yes, gotta love the glamour - nothing screams TAKE UP SCREEN PRINTING more than paint hands and sore limbs, ha.

t a n y a said...

I love, love the Magic crystal ball print.