Sunday 7 July 2013


It's been a while since I've added new things to my personal shop, but today there are a whole bunch of new things available! Starting with: psychic readings totes (black and natural). Above and below you will find me trying my best to be a tote bag model. My elbow scar really pops out in the one below. I got it flying off my bike as a youth in London, Ontario. I remember my dad laughing at me as I walked in the door because I was such a blathering mess. That sounds mean, but it wasn't. It was a really nice, funny moment!

I've never been to a psychic, and I'm pretty sure I don't believe in them, but I've always been drawn to the imagery. I think it's because life is long and hard at times, and there are so many decisions to make every day - the idea of someone just telling me how things are going to go, or the idea that I don't really control my own destiny is kind of appealing (and hilarious). Of course, things do not work this way, and I would much rather control my own destiny. Danielle and I joke about going to the psychic by our studio all the time. I wonder if we'll ever go? Speaking of Danielle, have you seen her badass jewelry lookbook by Celine? It's the best. She made a mask out of leaves!

Next up: this We'll Find Out print inspired by Timber Timbre songs. Specifically the 2009 self titled release. Each panel represents a line or a feeling from that record. If you haven't listened to that album, I strongly urge you to do so. You will not be upset about it. You will have a new favourite record! Here it is in better detail: 

"Do your actions mention, your heart's intentions? We'll find out. 
Is your mind mistaken? Is your conscience not at ease? We'll find out.
Do you strive to deny each kindred spirit in the room? We'll find out. 
And is your highest pleasure now, the misfortune of fools? We'll find out. 
You hide nothing. Just believe it. We all see it."

This Timber Timbre thing started as a zine experiment, and then ended up as a print. This is further evidence that I will never, ever be able to finish a zine. Note: I cheated on screen printing and digitally printed this guy. 9X12 on matte cardstock. I might just start illustrating my favourite albums all the time, because it's really enjoyable. I live for great lyrics.

This short story of a blog post continues with: a couple of small prints! 

Wild Eye & Coors 5X7 digital prints on cardstock. 

I had my first (and last, because I have other favourite crappy beers!) Coors the other day, and then repeatedly drew the can. Good times! There is definitely pleasure in repetition. All hail the summer of cheap beer!

And last but not least, there are cards too! Something sentimental for all the X-Files fans who want to believe, more psychic readings for the fortune tellers in the house, and a couple of beer cans for all the b-day party animals.

And since we're on the subject of stuff for sale (sell sell sell), let's also point out a couple cool things some talented buds have got going on:

Shayna has more beautiful moon cycle necklaces in her shop
Caitlyn has some cool new collages and prints in her shop

Time to go eat freezies!

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