Thursday 31 May 2012


Oh hi! It's hard to believe that it's been a whole month of freelance life. The biggest surprise so far has been how fast time flies. I hope everyone has been enjoying the glorious start of summer - here's what May has been all about around here:

1. FALCONWRIGHT Danielle and I have been working away all month preparing some new summer leather goods. We updated our shop today with some old faves and some new kids on the block all dressed up in gems, waves, pyramids, and party mix! YEAH. We've learned a lot about leather this month. We've experimented with new inks, we've learned how to use our new sewing machine, we've standardized the size and shape of certain items, and we've ordered some pretty new mailing stuff (stickers, wrapping, etc). It's felt great to dive into things and work hard to improve our stuff - we hope it shows! I've decided to steal this guy below for myself:

2. THE GARDEN. I constantly flip flop between thinking that a garden is the greatest thing ever and a total waste of energy.  For instance, I could buy tomatoes in a second and eat them immediately, or I could grow them for months and lose half of them to the evil squirrels that run my hood. But practicality is never really the reason for doing things yourself, right? It's about the experience, man. And the smell of tomato leaves is pretty much the greatest thing in the world. So, despite my bitterness towards all of natures creatures, I decided to fill those boxes UP. These pics were taken a couple weeks back so everything has grown considerably. Except for the chard, which all died. And only the chard. Is chard fussy? Chard is a mystery!


3. TRAMP BY SHARON VAN ETTEN. This album is good. That's all. 

4. GLAZING IS AMAZING PART 3. Ceramics: so hot right now (kiln jokes!). These are the very last pieces from my ceramics course. I've now got many little bowls sitting on my kitchen table. I'm not really sure what to do with all these little bowls, but I really want to take another class anyways. Or find a place in Toronto where I can just pay to fire and glaze. Does that exist? If anyone in the know has any recommendations, I'd love to know!


Other then that there has been lots of eating unhealthy fistfuls of food, painting text, photo editing, summertime beer drinking, and the triumphant beginning of softball season (Go Rebels! Go Bottle Rockets!). I'm also starting to flesh out some ideas for a new series of prints. More to come...


Anonymous said...

Jesus. You are a maker of so many nice things!

I've been meaning to get that album.


Thanks, pal! And yes, get this album. I think you'd like it! I think you'd like it?

shayna said...

I think ceramics has reignited my love of BLUE. Blue is amazing!

Also? I'm thinking the Chard wasn't super into the heat. Maybe Swiss Chard is a goth plant.

Jamie said...

love the bowls!! where are you taking the class? I've been DYING to find a good productive class to take... any suggestions?

Amelie @ Left Field Cards said...

Everything looks really good! Congrats on being super productive. Here's to another month of making awesome stuff!


Jaime: I took my class at Central Tech. Schools out for summer, so I don't think they'll offer another one until the fall. They are pretty reasonable price wise, so they fill up FAST. Like, if you find out the next registration date and want to register, then I'd recommend being on your computer that morning! Worth it though. There are a bunch of other options in the city that might be more immediate too.

Amelie: Thanks, girl. Bring it on, June!

Anonymous said...

C1 artspace
in TO