Wednesday 4 April 2012


Something fun? My band has a new song called Magical Thinking and our pal Ryan Mounsey made us this wild new video for it. In his words: "In the Magical Metropolitan land of Chatham; the King's number one Wizard set's out on a journey of self discovery and self loathing." It's pretty fun to hand your music off to someone and see what they come up with. Thanks, Ryan!

This video features all kinds of weird stuff: our friend Corey as the King Of Chatham, a wizard on a mission, and some very Toronto-centric appearances by Rob Ford (our total train wreck of a mayor) and Zanta (remember him?). Moose run through the streets, there are ads for baby sunglasses, and public transportation prices skyrocket. Doesn't it sometimes feel like the escalator is always broken? GAME OVER.

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