Tuesday 6 March 2012


I've long admired this wee skulls ring by Datter Industries (aka Kaye Blegvad) via my ever expanding Etsy favourites list, and finally brought it into my home and onto my hand. It arrived in the most simple/perfect packaging (red string!), and looked even better then I had imagined it would. I've worn it every day since. A new talisman to ward off evil spirits? Sure, who couldn't use that! Here it is modelled by Tara Bursey's plaster finger, which usually hangs out on my bookshelf and isn't weird at all.

Kaye Blegvad is a London born, Brooklyn based illustrator and maker of things. I love both her illustration and jewelery work a lot. She draws sword carrying ladies, hairy legs, healthy living, touches on themes of luck (one of my not so secret faves), witchcraft (another favourite!), and illustrates her day to day life in a way that is not just visually pleasing, but funny too. Art with a dark heart and a bit of humour to it really hits me in the guts in all the right ways.

Check out her shops (illustration and jewelry) and portfolio!

Her beautiful business card also features a hand. As does mine. I think this is a pretty good sign that we should probably be pals...

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shayna said...

that ring is so rad! it is equal parts dainty and dark, and it's perfect for you.