Monday 28 November 2011


A while back, my friend Shayna suggested that I make a larger print version of my Over The Moon card. That is what I originally sat down to do with this, but then it turned into something else entirely! A bit symbolic, a bit spacey, a bit geometric, and maybe a bit influenced by my recent viewing of Melancholia(?). It measures 9X12! Yup, the eleventh hour pre Holiday craft fair frenzy is in full effect.


Danielle said...

(I really like this- I think I need one of these)

Anonymous said...

DW print factory just keeps rolling out the hits!!! This looks amazing.

It's going to be embarrassing explaining to people that basically everything hanging on my walls was printed by you. ha



Danielle: Thanks! I think that can be arranged (wink).

Tim: You can tell people you supplement your income by renting me wall space? HA.

shayna said...

ha! it is kind of you to use the word "suggest" rather than "relentlessly pester". maybe tim and i can start a DW addict support group?


Shayna: HAHA.