Tuesday 25 October 2011


Dropped by Canzine this weekend. A bit on the claustrophobic/congested side, but there was definitely a lot of great stuff to check out/eat/drink/purchase/lust after. And the venue was cool too. I left with one neat thing I can't show you because it's going to be a gift for someone who reads this blog (shhhh!). But I also picked up some coffee from Big Smoke Coffee Co, and this little linocut print to remind myself that while my current schedule might be running me into the ground a bit, it's jammed full of enjoyable stuff and everything is ok. I would love to give the artist credit, but she didn't have anything with her name on it (and I have a terrible memory). My friend Tim and I also enjoyed mini beef sliders from West Side Beef Co via the Toronto Underground Market. Delicious! And lastly, if you came to Canzine too, then you probably got a piece of my latest City Of Craft work in your bag - a shiny new postcard! Details for everyone, details for all.

Guess what! You can like Deadweight on Facebook now. If you're into that sort of thing. OMG. I'm no longer obsolete and living in the dark...

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