Monday 15 August 2011


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Mark your calendars, cancel your plans: Zine Dream 4 is fast approaching! This annual event is filled to the brim with cool comics, books, music, zines, hand made crafts, prints, and more. Zine Dream is one of my favourite annual Toronto events because there's tons of interesting stuff to check out, and they've got a good casual atmosphere thing going on. And if you're so inclined, you can also enjoy a cold one as you browse! I'm gonna try my best to see if I can come up with a new thing or two before the week is out - the heat is on.

Zine Dream 4
The Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave)
Sunday August 21st


Jaime said...

You're exhibiting?! I NEED another surprise pack..

Kitiya Palaskas said...

This sounds so amazing! I wish I could come.


Jaime: Yup! I can bring one for you if you'd like? Or I can get it to you some other way/time/place!

Jaime said...

I'm going to try to come by on Sunday. Thanks!