Saturday 20 August 2011


Tomorrow is Zine Dream 4 at The Tranzac! As per usual, I did not get around to putting together a finished zine (I'm starting to think this might be an impossible task for me!), but I did manage to put together a couple new things today. The eleventh hour is my hour.

1. Some weird, colourful wishbone prints. To bring more luck and magic into your life. Perhaps you could rip the print in half with your loved ones on Thanksgiving?

2. I printed a pattern onto 6 different vintage silky tanks and tees (one of a kind styles). I picked up all these tops when I was on vacation in New Brunswick. #exotic I will even iron them.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

In case I don't make it tomorrow, please save me a wishbone print! I love it.

Just put it on my tab... :)


Danielle said...

LOVE that shirt print!!! Sorry I missed it!


Tim: I've got one with your name on it.

Danielle: Thanks!

charlotte farmer said...


I have a cheeky-ish question...I've spotted some of your colours are a bit glittery ( like the crystal ball one and maybe the crazy wishbone one, or is it just my eyes???) how do you do it?

Hope the Zine Dream thing when well. The 11th hour is always the best!



Charlotte: The crystal ball is a bit metallic! Just some cheapo gold acrylic paint for that one that manages to look a little glittery. The wishbone print is not glittery - just the gradient pull messing with your mind! But now you're making me wish it was. Hmmmmm!