Saturday 29 January 2011


It's like looking into the future, right Dennis? Except that in the future you'd certainly still have glasses, and we'd never be dressed this fancy for any reason whatsoever.

Getting into Valentine's mode for the upcoming Love and Rummage event. Despite the fact that this month flew by at mind bending record speeds, I'm still trying to make something new. Enter these scowling love birds!

Some details: Love and Rummage is next Sunday. Check out the lineup! And really, what better way to spend some time after your Sunday brunches or before your Superbowl parties then by heading to The Workroom? There will be a mini bunting workshop and free gift bags to the first 25 shoppers. And if you need to be sold any further - yes, there will be snacks.


sweetie pie press said...

i hope aitor doesn't see this because it is the exact sentiment i would like to express to him for valentine's.

Jen Anisef said...

ack me too! good thing mike exclusively reads architecture, pipe & fishing blogs!