Friday 17 December 2010


Photo via City Of Craft

Dudes! If you come to City Of Craft this weekend (which you obviously should) you will be branded with my handwriting upon arrival. Becky made these sweet stamps via an envelope I sent her last year. How fun is that?

I went to a mall today (a mall!) and it was definitely not an enjoyable experience. The Theatre Centre would surely be a much more comfortable, friendly place to buy your last minute Christmas gifts, right? There are definitely no swag bags at the mall. Total no brainer!


t a n y a said...

Yay! I was branded yesterday at the door with the City of Craft stamp. I sort of wish it didn't come off :) I love your prints, Sandi. Hope you sold well at the show!


Thanks so much, Tanya! Your letterpress work is GORGEOUS. That diy display box idea I just read about on your blog = great.