Sunday 26 December 2010


A generous collection of Trip Print Press prints. Letterpress goodness abound.

Align CenterA tote bag, card, and notebook by the super charming Lemonade.

On top of the books you can see one of Tara Bursey's index fingers hanging out with a vile of shredded money by Sweetie Pie Press.

This creepy face was made by ceramics manipulator extraordinaire Julie Moon. I also scored one of her ceramic hearts, but it got wrapped up and unwrapped by a dear pal of mine. Trust me though, it's gorgeous.

Gocco greeting card goodness by the Petra C.

A collection of paper greetings by Genevieve Jodouin and Heing Tang. I am officially armed for any occasion.

A couple sets of awesome artist series pin sets by City Of Craft-master Sweetie Pie Press. Featuring a crew of great faces by Sara Guindon and a trio of dreamy kitties by Sarah McNeil.

A piece of art by The Maple Ridge. Unicorns are a-holes. Truth speaking.

I was lucky to win a raffle too. Some wrapping paper, power line printed fabric by Bespoke Uprising, a bag by Anatomy of a Skirt, and Shortcomings by Adriane Tomine. Seriously.

And I didn't get this Doublenaut print at COC, but they were there selling prints and tshirts. D and I just put this up in our home, and I thought it deserved a mention here because it looks so good.

There was tons of other great things I could have easily purchased (like the gold tooth necklaces by Old Weston - those were amazing) but one has to cut themselves off somewhere, right? Right.


Candice said...

you have rendered me a new + huge fan of julie moon!

shayna said...

i love my ceramic heart so, so much! you and julie moon are both aces in my books.


You both have excellent taste, so it's only natural that you both love Julie's stuff, right? Yeah!

amy said...

may i ask where you procured the frame for the anagram print? ours is sitting all sad and rolled up. i want to surprise graham with a frame!


Amy: Ikea!

Elle said...

Very niice blog you have here