Tuesday 7 September 2010


I love fairs. The flashing lights, the artery clogging food, the tacky plush prizes, the pushy game masters, the cover bands playing Bruce Springsteen songs in the Budweiser band shell - all of it. My sister came to visit me this past weekend and we got the opportunity to partake in one of our favourite family traditions - The Zipper. Long gone are the days of me voluntarily putting myself into ride after ride, but this one is still a must. To pass on it would be criminal. My sister (who has always been the more daring of the two of us) is a cart shaker and always tries to her best to freak me out. My only disappointment of the night was not coming across the deep fried butter (whoa!). And to continue with the apparent theme of our weekend - overpriced beers, overcast skies, and overindulgent food - we also went to a Jays game. It was nice to see you, little sis.

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John McDonald said...

'Cart Shaker'. Ha.

In a just world that would be a widely used expression.